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Installing eBooks

There are two major eBook types: Mobi and ePub. Mobi is only used by Amazon's Kindle. ePub works on most other devices and your computer.

Use the instructions below to add an ebook to your particular device for reading.

Which eReader Device Do You Use?

1. Download the Kindle (.mobi) version.
2. Connect the Kindle to your computer and see the Kindle Drive mount
3. Copy your .mobi file to the Kindle's Documents folder
4. Now the ebook is on your Kindle. Open the ebook and enjoy reading.

1. Download the Nook version. (ePub)
2. Connect the nook to the computer and see the Nook Drive mount
3. Copy your ePub file to the Nook's My Documents folder
4. To view it in the Nook, go to My Library
5. Tap View my Documents
6. Tap Check for New content.
7. Select the book and enjoy reading.

iBooks (For iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch)
1. Download the iBooks version. (ePub)
2. Open iTunes
3. Drag the ePub files to the Books icon (on the left sidebar, under Library)
4. Select your device (on the left sidebar, under devices)
5. In the main screen, choose the Books tab at the top.
6. Make sure that synch books is checked
7. Either click on the "All Books" option or select the books that you want
8. Sync your device
9. The ebook is now on your device. Open the iBooks app and select the ebook.

Sony Reader
1. Connect the Sony Reader to the computer. (ePub)
2. Open the Reader Library application. You can also download it here.
3. Copy your ePub file to the Reader's My Documents folder
4. Sync your reader
5. The ebook is now on your Sony Reader. Select the book and enjoy reading.

Installing the eBook on Your Computer

Using Caliber
1. Download and install Caliber for your platform. (ePub)
2. Caliber will request you to choose a location for your eBook library.
3. Drop eBooks or PDF's on the Caliber interface and they will be copied to your library.
4. Select the eBook in Caliber and enjoy reading.